Ego development, personality trait structure and psychodynamic personality functioning: psychometric properties and their interrelated perspectives

This project aims to explore the relationship between measures of personality development, personality functioning and traits in the general population in order to better understand their interrelated perspectives.

​In the first two subprojects, we explore the relationship between ego development - a measure of psychosocial maturity and complexity - and the HEXACO model - a six-factor model of personality trait structure - and the hypothesis that HEXACO model predicts ego development above and beyond the more standard five-factor model. Furthermore, we explore both the relationships between ego development and levels of personality functioning as suggested in the DSM-V Alternative model of personality disorder (AMPD) and between ego development and higher-level personality functioning (i.e., wisdom-related personality characteristics of self-actualization, self-transcendence, eudaimonic well-being). In the third subproject, we independently investigate the psychometric properties of Norwegian translation of the Developmental Profile Inventory - a measure of psychodynamic personality functioning and development - and the Self and Interpersonal functioning scale - a measure of AMPD levels of personality functioning.


Lovisenberg DPS




Kai Leitemo


Tore Pedersen, Bjørknes Høyskole
Rien Van, Laura van Riel, Marike Polak og
Theo Ingenhoven fra The Developmental Profile Foundation, Amsterdam, Nederland.

Sist oppdatert 27.09.2023