Research themes

Currently, our work is organized into the following thematic areas: (1) Identification, course and consequences, (2) Co-occurrence, multimorbidity and transdiagnostic features, (3) Risk, resilience and optimal outcomes and (4) Within-family processes

Identification, course and consequences 

In this theme, we carry out empirical work designed to investigate important features of how neurodevelopmental and psychiatric conditions are diagnosed, how they progress over time, and what consequences they have across the lifespan. For many neurodevelopmental and psychiatric conditions, early identification affords greater opportunity for the implementation of support strategies or interventions. Describing the most common trajectories that these conditions take across development and the potential outcomes that follow can help individuals and their families, as well as clinicians, to mitigate challenges and maintain a high quality of life.

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Co-occurrence, multimorbidity and transdiagnostic features

Many common neurodevelopmental and psychiatric conditions co-occur with one another, and also with other health conditions. In this theme, we research how and why different conditions overlap, investigating for diagnostic similarity, shared genetic components, and reciprocal causal relationships





Risk, resilience and optimal outcomes

Individuals with neurodevelopmental and psychiatric conditions can experience a full range of life outcomes. In research for this theme, we investigate the factors associated with differential functioning among individuals with these conditions, seeking knowledge about the mechanisms that promote resilience and mitigate risk.




Within-family processes

Many neurodevelopmental and psychiatric conditions have a familial component. Because family members typically live together and share genetics, it can be difficult to disentangle the processes by which liability for these conditions is passed on. In this research theme, we apply state-of-the-art methodologies to data from familes to try to understand what role specific environments and exposures have in the emergence of neurodevelopmental and psychiatric conditions, once shared genetic liabilities are accounted for.

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Last updated 2/2/2024