Causes, development and consequences of sleep problems and fatigue: The SAFE project

Project description for SAFE


Sleep problems and fatigue conditions are prevalent and increasing over time, and are associated with functional impairments, reduced quality of life, and risk of suicide. A crucial barrier to developing effective prevention and treatment interventions is that the causal mechanisms underlying the development of sleep problems and fatigue are largely unknown. The SAFE project is designed to meet this challenge by using prospective, longitudinal data from the world’s largest pregnancy cohort, the Norwegian Mother, Father, and Child Cohort (MoBa). The objective of the SAFE project is to increase our understanding of the mechanisms underlying sleep problems and fatigue. Specifically, the SAFE project will: 1. Characterize the genetic influences on sleep problems and fatigue during development from birth to adulthood in males and females; 2. Examine the joint genetic and environmental architecture of sleep problems and fatigue with other co-occurring health problems; 3. Identify causal risk factors and consequences of sleep problems and fatigue; and 4. Investigate genetic and environmental pathways of intergenerational transmission.

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Last updated 1/30/2024