Improving patient care through trustworthy guidelines, evidence summaries, policy and decision aids

MAGIC is a non-profit organization and a research group at Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital with the vision to increase value and reduce waste in healthcare through a digital and trustworthy evidence ecosystem. MAGICapp is our core platform, bringing digitally structured and user-friendly guidelines, evidence summaries and decision aids to clinicians and patients. Our work is inspiring health care systems around the world to create a new infrastructure for the production and use of best current evidence in policy and practice. We continue to work together with a wonderful team of international collaborators sharing our vision. Our ongoing research and innovation targets personalised medicine, evidence from artificial intelligence and the final ecosystem steps: more efficient dissemination, adaptation and implementation to demonstrate a true impact on patient care.

MAGIC – Trustworthy guidelines, evidence summaries and decision aids that we can all use and share (

Last updated 1/24/2024