Goal Management Training of executive functions in persons with active and remitted major depression: a randomized controlled trial

Project aim

To examine the efficacy of group-based Goal Management Training (GMT) for persons with active and remitted depression to improve daily-life cognitive functioning, emotional health, and self-efficacy. To control for nonspecific effects, GMT was compared with computerized cognitive training.


The WHO’s Mental Health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP) has called on all countries for a public health priority to reduce the ubiquitous burden caused by depression. For a considerable number of patients, depression is associated with cognitive dysfunction, which tends to prevent those who are affected from succeeding psychosocially, academically, and in work life. Thus, improvement of cognitive functioning may have a significant impact on the person’s daily life, well-being, and work capacity

Project Owner

Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital (Jan Stubberud, PhD, Senior Researcher at Lovisenberg, Professor Institute of Psychology, UiO)

Project period

2017 - 2022


South Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority



PhD dissertation Bjørn Hagen


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