Gastronintestinal Biomarkers for Optimal Management

The project aims to develop and validate biomarkers for diagnosis and treatment evaluation of gastroenterological diseases, including functional, inflammatory and infectious conditions– including tests for malabsorption (e.g., 13C-isotope-based breath tests), gut inflammation (e.g., fecal calprotectin) and microbiota metabolism (e.g., fecal short-chain fatty acids). 

Since the opening of Unger-Vetlesen Institute in 2011, the project has resulted in 10 completed PhD theses, and more than 400 publications (see below for details). The project strive to inspire and motivate aspiring and established health care workers to perform research and accordingly enable the hospital to reap the benefits of the ripple effects that this creates. The titles of the completed PhD theses gives an overview of the topics that have been covered over the years. Ongoing and future studies include establishing a 13C-based sucrose breath test for clinical use, explore a panel of biomarkers for fibrosis to predict the disease course of Crohn`s disease, and explore the use of a novel wireless motility capsule as an actionable biomarker in neurogastroenterological disorders and diseases.  

Project owner

Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital (Jørgen Valeur, MD, PhD, Loviseberg, Professor Institute of Clinical Medicine, UiO)

Project period

2011 - ongoing


Health Authority of South-Eastern Norway

The Extra Foundation

Takeda Pharmaceuticals



Project participants

Jørgen Valeur, Professor and Head of Department

Ana Urzua Riquelme, Administrative leader

Anita Tollisen, Research Nurse

Ane-Kristine Finbråten, Senior scientist (i permisjon)

Gunn Helen Malmstrøm, Leading Bioengineer

Lisa Landrø Sletten, Bioengineer

Viggo Skar, Senior scientist

Hanna Fjeldheim Dale, postdoc

Vibeke Strande, PhD candidate

Ida Frivold Glad, PhD candidate

Insaf Zerouga, PhD candidate

Mattis Bekkelund, PhD candidate

Maria Seferowicz, PhD candidate

List of completed PhD dissertations:

  • Kari Tveito. 13C-labelled breath tests in malabsorption. Studies of patients with coeliac disease. University of Oslo, 2011.
  • Håvar Blich Hope. Malabsorption in chronic alcoholism. University of Oslo, 2013.
  • Trygve Sørdahl Hall. Novel aspects of cardiovascular biomarkers in mycocardial infarction and obstructive sleep apnea. University of Oslo, 2015.
  • Geir Larsson. Intestinal tuberculosis: diagnosis and differentiation from Crohn`s disease in a resource-limited setting. University of Oslo, 2015.
  • Vendel Kristensen. Use of calprotectin in the routine management of inflammatory bowel disease. Evaluation and quality assurance of established and novel test methods. University of Oslo, 2016.
  • Ragnhild Undseth. Irritable bowel syndrome. Clinical, pathophysiological and radiological aspects. University of Oslo, 2017.
  • Anita Tollisen. Patient-reported outcomes and medication satisfaction in adults with juvenile idiopathic artritis. University of Oslo, 2020.
  • Steinar Traae Bjørkhaug. Alcohol-related alterations of the gut microbial flora. University of Oslo, 2020.
  • Pasquale Klepp. Colorectal cancer in ulcerative colitis. A prospective study of clinical and biological markers in population based cohorts. University of Oslo, 2021.
  • Jelena Zugic Soares. Vitamin D in cognitive impairment and Alzheimer`s disease. University of Oslo, 2023

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