Innovation and commercialisation

Innovation has the potential to solve the difficulties of tomorrow's health system and the growing gap between the available resources and the needs in the health care services of the future. In our innovation work Lovisenberg puts the needs of the patient in front and center.

Inven2 are responsible for commersialisation the inventions of the staff at Lovisenberg Hospital and the rest of the health trusts under the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. In the event of commercdialisation the hospital will give a third of all net income to the mployee, a third to the employer and a third to Inven2.

Submit invention/DOFI to Inven2

After submission, Inven2 will evaluate the commercial potential of the invention. If a potential is established, Inven2 will prepare a development plan that includes plans for further research and development as well as activities related to securing rights and marketing.



Last updated 1/30/2024